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Think Brexit was messy? That was the easy part. Luckily, you can Brexitproof your communication in the time it takes to traverse the Chunnel. Heading to London soon? Bridgeneers offer you an upgrade to business class on the Eurostar. Including a free marcom consultation. Let’s talk before we exit.

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Why you might need us.

Perhaps you’re a leaver. Or a remainer. Perhaps you’re leaving the leavers. Or the remainers. You know, it’s complicated. This affects us all. It already has. It affects your company. Your customers. Your prospects. Your suppliers. Your employees. Your credit scoring. Your future.

How do you get on with Brexit?

Seems like nobody knows. Politicians don’t know, that’s for sure. Trust and perspective are built and swept away in one day. In one tweet. Then back again. Then gone. Then...

But you have to get on. No matter what your own take on things is. No matter how it all turns out. You’ve got to Brexit-proof your business. That’s where we come in. Bridgeneers.

Bridgeneers? Who?

Bridgeneers is a single-purpose, time-limited communication agency in London to help a select few international companies with their communication issues sparked by Brexit.

Bridgeneers is championed by Absoluut: a seasoned, reputable Belgian communication agency that specialises in dealing with public issues. And we’re working together with hand-picked British experts. Perhaps you can join our client list.

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“We have set up Bridgeneers, a single-purpose,
time-limited communication agency in London to help
a select few international companies
with their communication issues sparked by Brexit.”

But what do we do? And how?

We firmly believe that strong relationships are the best way to get through these hard times. Strong relationships are resilient to uncertain conditions. But people have forgotten about the power of building and maintaining good relationships, in dealing with the day-to-day turmoil.

Relationships took the first hit. Remember the vote and the day after? Remember the tiny or big cracks in friendships and families and neighbourhoods? Remember the explaining you had to do to all your contacts abroad, business and personal? Remember how some business partnerships suddenly grew colder because of differing opinions?

“Strong relationships are resilient to uncertain conditions. Strong relationships: we can bridgeneer them with communication.”

Here’s the good news. We can bridgeneer strong relationships with communication. It’s what we’ve been doing for decades.
There’s no hidden recipe here, no secret sauce. Some magic, yes, but it’s mainly down to honest, decent, clear communications really. What your mother taught you. Plus trustworthiness, positivity, fun. What your best friends showed you. Oh, and adventure, attention, dedication. What the love of your life taught you, more or less. Add the science and craftsmanship of the communication business to that: strategy, creativity, production, channels.

No need for buzzwords. But we’ll need some of your time. You have to invest in relationships after all. But how much? Well, surprisingly little can make a big difference. But there’s little time to lose. So we have designed a fast-track, highly focused methodology. It’s refreshingly new, yet built on tried & proven techniques, infused with some special know-how. You can have results within one month. No need to worry about a lengthy consultancy project (and bill).

But wait

“Did you say ‘Belgian’? Like in ‘Brussels, Belgium’? And ‘British experts’? What have Belgians got to do with this? Foreigners? And aren’t the British tired of experts?”

OK, some explanation. First of all: yes, Belgians. Right. But you know, we are genetically predisposed to be Bridgeneers. Just look at our country. Three official languages and more governments than decent football teams. We’ve survived the Romans, Spanish, Austrians, French, Dutch, Germans, Germans again... (and we’re not sure what would happen if Luxembourg fancied invading us.)
Trust us, we can handle a change and a challenge.

Oh, and the smartest detective ever is Belgian: Hercule Poirot. He’s fictional, but that’s perhaps the point. Invented by Agatha Christie to crack the hardest cases. See what happens when island and continent meet? And see what great stories can do? And experts? No excuses there. You need experts. Consultants too, we guess. And legal folk and all that. Costly. Necessary. Bit boring too.

We don’t come armed with spreadsheets or incomprehensible addenda to contracts. But with clear answers to difficult questions. That’s our bridgeneering skill.

No need for buzzwords.
Let’s start with bridge no.1: between you and us.

Just drop us a line.

“We have designed a fast-track, highly focused methodology. You can have results within one month.”
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